Free, Open Source, Lightweight LaTeX Editor

Open LaTeX Studio is an open source LaTeX editor, that supports remote collaboration between users. Unlike other dedicated services that allow LaTeX project and file sharing, there is no need to purchase any plans in order to obtain the space or allow more people to work on a document, since users are able to store their projects on free cloud storage solution like Dropbox (more providers in plans). The GUI of the editor is built using the NetBeans Platform framework, what makes the usage of the editor simple and intuitive. The project is developed using the open source approach, which means that everybody can, and is welcome to, submit new features or propose changes.

  • Simple, intuitive editor with syntax highlight and code completion
  • Live preview of the document - just as you type!
  • Remote collaboration and revision tracking via Dropbox

Open LaTeX Studio is developed by volounteers, who dedicate their time to bring the editor to live. Kudos to all of them! You can get to know the most dedicated contributors, clicking the button below.

✔ Free

✔ Simple and intuitive

✔ Live preview of the document

✔ Syntax highlight and code completion

✔ Remote collaboration and revision tracking