Download Open LaTeX Studio

Thanks for your interest in Open LaTeX Studio! Here, you can download ready to use, binary distribution of the application. We currently provide support for Windows and Linux Operating Systems. You can find download links below. You can use Open LaTeX Studio free of charge!

Latest Version

Windows Download Open LaTeX Studio 1.5 for Windows
Linux Download Open LaTeX Studio 1.5 for Linux

Previous Versions

Below you will find links to download previous versions of Open LaTeX Studio. You don't have to bother with those, unless you have some very specific needs, connected with previous project versions.

Version Windows Linux
1.4 Download 1.4 [Windows] Download 1.4 [Linux]
1.3 Download 1.3 [Windows] Download 1.3 [Linux]
1.2.1 Download 1.2.1 [Windows] Download 1.2.1 [Linux]
1.2 Download 1.2 [Windows] Download 1.2 [Linux]
1.1 Download 1.1 [Windows] Download 1.1 [Linux]
1.0 Download 1.0 [Windows] Download 1.0 [Linux]